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The Voice Package
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Somebody gets those High Paying Voiceover Jobs, and it could be YOU! "The Voice Package" will remove all the confusion about getting into the Voiceover business and give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take action NOW. Learn how to work anywhere in the world, gain more time and freedom, and start making money with your voice!

Here's What You Receive In "The Voice Package":

Instructional Audio Cassette:
On this tape I will teach you the secret to recording your own Professional Demo Tape. You'll learn how to train and develop the special magic of your voice... use voice warm-up exercises... how to create characters... how to properly format your demo tape... and where it's best to record. Discover the successful phone marketing techniqes you must employ and get powerful tips on Live Auditioning, reading difficult copy, avoiding the most common mistakes, and the simple truth about working with Clients, Agents, and Producers. I'll show you how to effectively market yourself before, during, and after each recording session. (90 mins.)

Voiceover Scripts:
These are real scripts from National and Regional Agencies, Radio and Television stations, Film, Video, and Multimedia producers all across the country. For both Men and Women in several age groups, from kids to seniors. Commercials, news, narrations, corporate, promos, industrials, sit-coms, cartoons, CDs, interactive... just about every kind of voice recording you may encounter. Select from over 130 of these scripts to find the ones best suited to your style. (120 pages)

Demo Samples Audio Cassette:
Here's your chance to listen to the demo tapes of several top male and female voices currently in the business. Some big talent in Hollywood and New York, and successful working talent from around the country. Hear my own demo tape and those of some of my past students. Learn from hearing the best. Study the format, styles and techniques of these professionals to help make your demo tape sizzle and get you hired. (90 mins.)

Marketing Directory:
An absolute "must have" list of film, video, and multimedia production companies, casting agents, talent agents, unions, radio and television stations, ad agencies... over 2,000 valuable leads in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. These are the companies that you will be sending your demo tape to... those that hire professional voices on a regular basis. (122 pages)

Put it all together, and you have the most complete voiceover material available anywhere, whether it's in books, online, or at expensive seminars. Get the instruction and guidance that fits your schedule. What price could you put on more than 20 years of Voiceover Production experience all crammed into one package? Order "The Voice Package" Today and make an investment in your success that will pay you dividends for years to come.

  Order The Voice Package  

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